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As previously noted, I tend to be healthy and active during the week when I am on my own.  Then, I spend the weekend with my boyfriend and there is at least one day of unhealthy eating and drinking and general laziness.  

This had been the pattern for a year and half of living 2 hours apart.  I started tracking what I was eating earlier this year, and tried to do a realistic and honest count for the weekends.  It helped me be more conscious and to at the least try to make healthy substitutions wherever possible.  

Chris moved at the beginning of March. And since then, I have dropped 5-8 pounds.  In part, this is because I have more time by myself, which means more time for physical activity. Also, I was taking a long walk each week to train for a 50K hike I did with Liz.  But, the biggest change has been in the weekend food and alcohol consumption.  I certainly have enjoyed a beverage or the occasional fast food meal (exclusively In-n-Out or Chick-fil-A).  And I have visited Chris a couple times and celebrated weekends with other visitors.  Overall, though, it has been a healthy 2 months.  I wouldn’t say that my body looks significantly different, but I do feel better – especially on Mondays. I feel relaxed, energized, and positive.  

I am moving at the end of June.  This time it will be different because instead of only having weekends together, we are going to be living together for the first time. That means my regular food for the week all will be available on the weekend. Also, where we are staying has a small gym and the weather is much more mild than here – so I plan to continue regular exercise.  But, I am curious to see if the scale changes. The number is not so important to me as what patterns I keep up or change and how I feel.  

As an end note, since I have reached my “target weight” and anticipating the new living arrangements – I have stopped tracking calories.  Because I don’t move until the end of June, this gives me time to listen to and trust my body and continue making healthy choices.


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does a body good

Continuing from my previous post, and anticipating what has been keeping Liz away, I have been reflecting on what my body needs. 

From a short but interesting interview with Susie Orbach in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine 3/8/9:

” Fifi, which is what I call my book “Fat Is a Feminist Issue,” was in part a plea to give up dieting and learn to recognize hunger and appetite and respond to them. Dieting, I argued, caused compulsive eating and destabilizes our relationship to food.”

Milk actually does not do my body good, as I do not enjoy the taste. But, I get my calcium from plenty of alternative sources. The only exception: cold milk with a big piece of yellow box-mix cake.

I know many people give up or take on things during Lent.  For the exercise of reflecting on what I depend on/what I am lacking, I sometimes make an effort to do something for Lent.  This year I decided I would forgo buying wine to keep at home. I will have a glass (or more) if I am out. But, I was thinking about patterns in my life, and anticipating Chris moving further west ahead of my moving date – and decided I should not use wine to accompany an activity.  A glass of wine (or any alcohol) a day shows positive health effects – but I would tend to have my glass or two with homework, or with doing laundry, or with cleaning. I am not knocking any of those pairings – but to reset my habits (and to save money) I thought a 40 day exercise is reflection would be good. 

Sometimes I feel like going through the motions – opening and pouring a glass as I settle down with my computer. Instead I start my activity and forget all about it.  So far, I am finding the same goes with snacks during homework. I don’t get a snack to start my homework. But, if I get hungry, then I get up and get something.  I don’t analyze it, I try not to over-think or over-rationalize it (in the moment – I know I am rationalizing/objectifying here).  In contrast, I am feeling quite attached to the simple calorie counting widget – even though I eat about the same thing every day and have regular daily activities. That might be my next thing de-habitualize.

p.s. Also during Lent and beyond I hope, I am working on bringing the feeling of body calm during yoga into my daily life. Usually, I forget – but it has helped a few times.

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