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finals week goals

More accurately, final papers week goals.  I have 2 papers due this week, which means late nights and stress eating/brain power eating. (Liz, have you found yourself feeling hungry after spending hours thinking and working on a paper? I like to believe it is calories being burned from working my brain muscle). I also am going to make christmas cookies this week. So, with double temptation in mind, here are my goals:

1. Keep tracking all my food and activity on the computer (Liz I can see how this can become obsessive).

2. Exercise 3 times. 

3. Eat recommended serving sizes. (I bought doritos because they were on super sale at Safeway, and I already put them in individual ziplock bags. I know doritos are a go-to Circle K study snack, so instead of paying $0.99 for a 350 calorie bag, I paid $1.89 for 12 servings (140 calories)…although I guess I really don’t need 12 servings of doritos…).

4. Try not to eat out (re: eat fast food) – if tempted/wanting something fast, salty, and carby, make a frozen meal.


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To echo my sister’s intro, my Thanksgiving also will be different than it’s ever been….because I am going to Vegas. Many people have responded when I have told them with, Oh for the buffets, right? Actually, no. In fact, we did do a family Thanksgiving at a hotel buffet once (right, Liz?) and it was pretty awful. As you can imagine, my germ-food issues mean a nice buffet can quickly turn unpleasant. Also, in my class the other week, the topic was food borne illness and buffets are a big culprit.

Instead, we have reservations at Aureole, which features “a four-story wine tower with its very own Wine Angel Stewards, who gracefully ascend the tower to retrieve bottles.” It might be a little ridiculous, but we haven’t had a fancy dinner out in a while. They are offering their regular menu and a special Thanksgiving menu. I imagine the portions will be small but rich – and there will be a few bottles of wine (Chris and I are meeting two people there). A plus and minus is that there won’t be the usual leftovers.

Besides Thursday night dinner, I think I also need some guidelines for myself. I have the same overall thought of trying to maintain my usual health habits for the weekend when we come back, but that will be hard in casinos in Vegas. 

>Food: This should be the easiest to manage. I am taking some slices of cranberry orange bread to have for breakfast, since I tend to wake up early and hungry. Then when we get lunch, I won’t be starving and I can get something healthy. 

I am keeping Guideline A:  Be mindful of everything I eat.  Truly enjoy and savor every bite that goes into my mouth. (Partly because the phrasing makes me giggle) 

Modified Guideline B: Try to eat salad, fruit, and veggies whenever available – and substitute fries whenever possible. 

>Movement: Vegas involves a fair amount of walking, so that should help. I don’t forsee much more than that, so I will need to (and probably will want to) do a good deal of physical activity on Saturday and Sunday when we are back. 

>Drink: This may be the hardest – especially when excess drinking leads to excess eating and excess not moving. Chris and his friend will probably hit it pretty hard.  I am hoping his friend’s girlfriend and I can be allies. I like Vegas for people watching, but I don’t really gamble besides a few goes at roulette, so I will have to make sure I am not drinking because I am bored. So, I will keep both guidelines:

Guideline A: Enjoy the taste of what I’m drinking (vs. drinking just to get drunk or just because my boyfriend is drinking) 

Guideline B: Drink a glass of water (or juice, or seltzer, etc) between each drink.

Here’s to nontraditional Thanksgivings!

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behind before starting

A description of how the week feels like it is going – and of my goals for the week.  Why am I behind on goals before making them? Well, I was planning keeping the same goals from last week, including no frozen meals, but I was exhausted after class and decided I wanted to just get something frozen for dinner at the store. 

I got a variety of produce (apples, a pear, a grapefruit, a pomegranate, red leaf lettuce, onion, carrots, bean sprouts, and squash) and headed to the frozen food isle – but nothing sounded quite right. The idea of fast food tried to creep in, but I knew it wouldn’t be satisfying (plus I had the other half of my dominos sandwich for lunch). I wandered up and down the isle a few times, went and got frozen corn and cottage cheese, and came back. I narrowed it down to something with noodles and no chicken. A peanut sauce sounded good, so I went with Ethnic Gourmet Pad Thai (it was on sale).  

I unpacked everything and decided to split the pad thai into two servings by supplementing it with frozen peas and bean sprouts. A good choice because now I feel full without feeling stuffed, and I have lunch ready for tomorrow.  The sauce could have been more peanut-y and just more abundant in general, but overall it seems to have hit the spot. Now it is time for bed.

dinner1(This is mid-eating, not the serving I had)

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mid-weekend check in

Last night was reasonable and fun.  For dinner, I had a salad, grilled chicken sandwich, and a baked potato, and a few beers of over the night. This morning I had oatmeal and grapes. Then I had 1/2 a can of chef boyardee and a chicken tamale.  Tonight we are staying in, but we haven’t move from the couch today. So, tomorrow I will try to go on a run in the morning and maybe hike in the afternoon. Then there will be the pizza test.

edit: Pizza was tonight. I had a carrot, a grapefruit, half a Dominos chicken parm sandwich and 1 slice from a medium pepperoni pizza.

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weekend survival plan

A special Friday edition of goals.

I have been following all of my goals very well this week, and, more importantly, I have been feeling really good. But the weekend is looming, full of temptation.  As Liz pointed out, fast food is not a treat or reward – so I shouldn’t see the weekend as temptations but challenges of my priorities. Weekends are for relaxing and maybe treating ourselves – but getting drunk, or especially, being hungover, are not treats. Nor are hot pockets. Chris’s fridge is full of liquids: (whole) milk, gatorage, juice, and beer; his freezer is full of frozen food (hot pockets, Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, Stouffers, etc). His pantry is generally pretty empty of snacks, but I keep some health things to munch on in there. I also try to keep a few of my own, wholesome frozen things in the freezer. And, I always bring the fruit, veggies, yogurt, and soy milk, that I have left at the end of the week up with me.  

So, I start with the best of intentions, but get very derailed somewhere along the way. For example, we order Domino’s just about every weekend – to the point that we started getting thank you letters and coupons in the mail from the regional manager. 

dominos1But, I am going into this weekend with a plan. Without futher ado, my weekend goals:

-Take fruits, veggies, cottage cheese, and oats.  Enjoy oats instead of hot pocket or breakfast sandwich.

-Consume alcoholic beverages more slowly.

-Eat salad with pizza/do not eat half a pizza. 

-Go on a hike

-Go to the gym or for a run.

-No french fries.

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more goals

Let’s see, from last week:

-I did try to sit and enjoy everything I ate. I usually eat on my bed because I share an apartment and often the kitchen/living room is already occupied.  

-I fell behind in recording everything I eat, but I didn’t stress about it too much. This week I am trying again partly because I am going to try to have bigger meals and fewer snacks.

-Moving 30 minutes a day is easy for me during the week because I walk to class. 

-I didn’t have any fast food or wine impulse buys (beer and frozen pizza for watching the election results with Chris was planned). I did have Chipotle (half for leftovers the next day) which, although it isn’t fast food, really is not good for you when you can make your own yummy burrito with more veggies and less fat.

I picked pretty easy goals to start with so this week I am going to add on:

-Record everything I eat. I don’t sneak in too many extras, but this week, I am going to try to eat bigger breakfasts and lunches so I don’t eat so many snacks. I am curious to see if my  calorie intake changes.

-Try to eat and enjoy at the table instead of in my room.

-Start every morning with 10 minutes of yoga (opening my charkras is my favorite morning sequence, sometimes with a few sun salutations) and go to the gym on the days I have time (mon, wed, and at least once on the weekend).

-No fast food or frozen food meals. I usually have a frozen meal or two during the week because it is so easy and so many out there are really tasty and pretty healthy (Amy’s, Kashi, etc). But, in the end, I know I can save money by making all my own meals. To help with this goal, I planned out what I will have for lunch and dinner for the week.

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Sunday goals and rewards

This week, I have done a pretty good job of sticking to my goals. (More about that in a minute)  Today, I went on a nice long hike.

11908aAs I was hiking, I was thinking about how well I had done, and how many calories I would burn on this 3 hour hike, and a thought crept into my head: I deserve to get something delicious to eat after my hike.  Maybe fast food.  Mmm, that would be a good reward. 

11908eI suddenly realized that fast food would be no reward at all.  I have been working hard to eat healthy and be more active this week, and fast food would just leave me full, guilty, and bloated.  What kind of reward is that?  Instead, I decided to reward myself with new 8-pound free weights. (on my Ikea cherry chairs!)

food-015Of course, I cannot go spend $25 on a reward each week I (nearly) meet my goals, but these will make it much easier to meet my new exercise goals this week.

First, a recap of last week:

1. Enjoy everything I eat by always sitting down, putting the food on a plate, and focusing on what I’m eating.  This one was definitely the hardest, and no day this week was perfect.  I ate spoonfuls of brown sugar out of the bag, handfuls of cereal, a half a jar of apple butter, lots of pumpkin scone dough, etc.  This is why I can’t keep any REAL snack food in my apartment.  I always felt guilty after doing this, so I didn’t even enjoy it.

2. Record everything I eat.  Check! Even with my little binges, which I recorded as well as I could.

3. Drink at least 2 cups of tea a day. Check! Some days I even had 3 or 4.  I think this helped with my midday snacking.

4. Move for at least 30 mins 5 days this week.  Check! Although sometimes the exercise was just walking or easy yoga, so not many calories burned.

This week’s goals:

1. Same as last week.  This week, every time I go to eat something that isn’t portioned out on a plate, I am going to ask myself “Why am I eating now?”  I think last week, sometimes it was due to stress or boredom.  If I am truly hungry, I will choose something healthy, put it on a plate, and sit down to fully enjoy it.

2. Still record everything I eat.  I think this will be on my goal list for a while, to make sure I am aware of all the nutrients I am (or aren’t) getting.

3. Do high-intensity exercise for at least 40 minutes, 5 times this week.  In addition, each night I want to EITHER do yoga or weight/core/strength training exercises. (Which is why I got the pretty red weights!)

I’ll let you know how I do next week!

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