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does a body good

Continuing from my previous post, and anticipating what has been keeping Liz away, I have been reflecting on what my body needs. 

From a short but interesting interview with Susie Orbach in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine 3/8/9:

” Fifi, which is what I call my book “Fat Is a Feminist Issue,” was in part a plea to give up dieting and learn to recognize hunger and appetite and respond to them. Dieting, I argued, caused compulsive eating and destabilizes our relationship to food.”

Milk actually does not do my body good, as I do not enjoy the taste. But, I get my calcium from plenty of alternative sources. The only exception: cold milk with a big piece of yellow box-mix cake.

I know many people give up or take on things during Lent.  For the exercise of reflecting on what I depend on/what I am lacking, I sometimes make an effort to do something for Lent.  This year I decided I would forgo buying wine to keep at home. I will have a glass (or more) if I am out. But, I was thinking about patterns in my life, and anticipating Chris moving further west ahead of my moving date – and decided I should not use wine to accompany an activity.  A glass of wine (or any alcohol) a day shows positive health effects – but I would tend to have my glass or two with homework, or with doing laundry, or with cleaning. I am not knocking any of those pairings – but to reset my habits (and to save money) I thought a 40 day exercise is reflection would be good. 

Sometimes I feel like going through the motions – opening and pouring a glass as I settle down with my computer. Instead I start my activity and forget all about it.  So far, I am finding the same goes with snacks during homework. I don’t get a snack to start my homework. But, if I get hungry, then I get up and get something.  I don’t analyze it, I try not to over-think or over-rationalize it (in the moment – I know I am rationalizing/objectifying here).  In contrast, I am feeling quite attached to the simple calorie counting widget – even though I eat about the same thing every day and have regular daily activities. That might be my next thing de-habitualize.

p.s. Also during Lent and beyond I hope, I am working on bringing the feeling of body calm during yoga into my daily life. Usually, I forget – but it has helped a few times.


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