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Yesterday, eating was decent and I went to the gym.

tgmealb-001Drinking was bad. And today eating was bad. And now I am getting sick.  Why do I do this to myself?

tgmealb-002The leftovers and junk food are almost gone, so tomorrow I am going back to my normal eating habits and recording my food on calorie king. Also, I will post more specific goals for the week.

Now, time to make soup and get back on the couch.


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Vegas report

Vegas was fun for Thanksgiving. The food, company, and entertainment was all good. The crowds, screaming children, and rain were not so good – but it was Vegas, so what do you expect. 

Eating was one of the highlights, although there were plenty of temptations. I thought it would be the easiest to manage, but I can so easily say yes to food when I am not really hungry.  I didn’t stuff myself too much at one meal, but I ate more throughout the day. In the end, we did a fair amount of walking, I drank a reasonable amount always with water, and certainly enjoyed everything I ate (even it was not many fruits and veggies).

Day 1:

We got in at 10pm and met up with Chris’s friends. We had dinner at Burger King (I had a veggie burger and fries) on the road but they hadn’t eaten yet. We got something easy and fast at La Salsa. I resisted ordering a plate and instead stuck to chips and salsa (and beer and water). Then we started walking around and did some gambling: penny slots and roulette. His friends were tired from their 12 hour drive so they went back but we stayed out for more penny slots. I continued to alternate between beer and water. By 3:30am we were hungry so we went for breakfast. I ordered the “healthy start”: egg beaters, turkey sausage (which I switched for bacon), whole wheat toast, and fresh fruit. It was yummy and I woke up the next day feeling good.  

Day 2:

I went for a walk on the strip to pick up water and I walked for about 45 minutes.  We had lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s and I had a really tasty thin crust pizza with many of my favorite toppings: mushroom, green onion, leek, and goat cheese.  It was the size of a large dinner plate with 6 slices and I intended to eat no more than 3 (or 4) slices. However, it was so good and it didn’t get taken away so I kept nibbling until I was on the last piece. We walked around some more and I had a couple drinks and water. That led to dinner. Oh my was dinner good.

It was a 3 course fixed price menu. I stared with a mixed green salad and selected grilled halibut with asparagus and tomato for my main dish. Chris got a salad and the thanksgiving dinner plate (turkey, dressing, and some sweet potato with pecans, which I got). Desert, however, was the best part: tiramisu with salted caramel ice cream and a warm brownie. I enjoyed every. single. bite. 


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My boyfriend and I agreed that this was the BEST Thanksgiving we’d ever had, even though it was the first one away from our families (coincidence?)

tgmeal-005Food: I did enjoy everything I ate, but stuffed myself silly snacking throughout the day.  That’s what Thanksgiving is for, right?

tgmeal-003(These are the amazing “Red Lobster Biscuits,” from-scratch buttermilk biscuits with parsley, garlic powder, and chedder cheese)

tgmeal-004(These are the seasoned cornish game hens, stuffed with orange slices and surrounded by grapefruit slices)

tgmeal-009See?  I also ate healthy and delicious asparagus, along with a big salad and some fruit. (And, we’re rewarming our biscuits)

tgmeal-017(Here are the cooked cornish game hens, oyster pie (my boyfriend’s mom’s specialty!), apple cider, and his and hers twice-baked potatoes)

tgmeal-019(Everything on our plate – I barely put a dent in my hen, but it was juicy and delicious!)

tgmeal-021Drink: Yesterday was more like drinking water WHILE drinking wine, instead of between each drink.

tgmeal-022And, I enjoyed spiked apple cider and egg nog.  Perhaps too much, though?  I had a bit of a headache at the end of the night.

tgmeal-048(mmm, fresh-whipped cream!  If you look closely, you can see I added a few chocolate chips to my piece in the background)

tgmeal-051Movement: I actually ran a whole 4 miles in the afternoon before our meal!  It was a great run – the perfect temperature.  I think it was my most enjoyable run since before the summer. 

Today has been the perfect post-Thanksgiving lazy day full of football and hot baths.  Although we did get out to play a little tennis this afternoon!

Katherine, do you have internet access in Vegas? How was your nice Thanksgiving meal?

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Update #2

Yesterday involved some YUMMY treats!

thanksgiving2008b-004Food: I did enjoy everything I ate, except that I kind of binged on this chocolate peanut butter chex mix!  I didn’t let it ruin the rest of my day, though.

thanksgiving2008b-002I did better with the veggies, including these carrots I ate with the AMAZING crab dip I made with our fresh crab.  I also had a big salad for dinner, topped with green peppers, onion, celery, and tomatoes.

thanksgiving2008b-003Drink: Again, I drank water between each drink, but I probably didn’t need BOTH of those martinis I drank while cooking.


(That’s freshly whipped cream on the right, and look at how many times I had to poke the pie to see if it was done – It took an hour and a half instead of 40 – 50 minutes, and I still don’t think it was completely done.) 


Movement: Being on my feet and cooking all day counts, right? 🙂

Katherine, how’s Vegas??

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Update #1

Overall, so far, so good. 


Food: Yesterday we bought a dozen live crabs (!) at the fish market and cooked them and ate some of the meat and it was delicious!  I enjoyed some other treats as well, but didn’t go overboard.  I forgot to count my fruits and veggies; I think I may have only had 5 servings.  I’ll work on that today.


Drink: I did drink water between each drink, and only drank what I wanted to, which was good.


Movement: We walked around the city for about 2 hours!

Today will be some Thanksgiving prep (pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, peeling and cutting potatoes) and enjoying some more delicious treats, like oyster cracker chex mix and cream cheese crab spread. YUM.


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To echo my sister’s intro, my Thanksgiving also will be different than it’s ever been….because I am going to Vegas. Many people have responded when I have told them with, Oh for the buffets, right? Actually, no. In fact, we did do a family Thanksgiving at a hotel buffet once (right, Liz?) and it was pretty awful. As you can imagine, my germ-food issues mean a nice buffet can quickly turn unpleasant. Also, in my class the other week, the topic was food borne illness and buffets are a big culprit.

Instead, we have reservations at Aureole, which features “a four-story wine tower with its very own Wine Angel Stewards, who gracefully ascend the tower to retrieve bottles.” It might be a little ridiculous, but we haven’t had a fancy dinner out in a while. They are offering their regular menu and a special Thanksgiving menu. I imagine the portions will be small but rich – and there will be a few bottles of wine (Chris and I are meeting two people there). A plus and minus is that there won’t be the usual leftovers.

Besides Thursday night dinner, I think I also need some guidelines for myself. I have the same overall thought of trying to maintain my usual health habits for the weekend when we come back, but that will be hard in casinos in Vegas. 

>Food: This should be the easiest to manage. I am taking some slices of cranberry orange bread to have for breakfast, since I tend to wake up early and hungry. Then when we get lunch, I won’t be starving and I can get something healthy. 

I am keeping Guideline A:  Be mindful of everything I eat.  Truly enjoy and savor every bite that goes into my mouth. (Partly because the phrasing makes me giggle) 

Modified Guideline B: Try to eat salad, fruit, and veggies whenever available – and substitute fries whenever possible. 

>Movement: Vegas involves a fair amount of walking, so that should help. I don’t forsee much more than that, so I will need to (and probably will want to) do a good deal of physical activity on Saturday and Sunday when we are back. 

>Drink: This may be the hardest – especially when excess drinking leads to excess eating and excess not moving. Chris and his friend will probably hit it pretty hard.  I am hoping his friend’s girlfriend and I can be allies. I like Vegas for people watching, but I don’t really gamble besides a few goes at roulette, so I will have to make sure I am not drinking because I am bored. So, I will keep both guidelines:

Guideline A: Enjoy the taste of what I’m drinking (vs. drinking just to get drunk or just because my boyfriend is drinking) 

Guideline B: Drink a glass of water (or juice, or seltzer, etc) between each drink.

Here’s to nontraditional Thanksgivings!

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This year, my Thanksgiving will be very different than it’s ever been.  My boyfriend is coming here to visit rather than me going home, so it’s the first year I won’t be with my parents.  I think this will be both a benefit and a challenge for my healthy goals. 

It will help because…

1. I will be in charge of the food around me, instead of my well-intentioned but traditional southern-cooking family and friends.  (Also, there is chocolate stashed all over my parents’ house which gets me into trouble)

2. It will feel more like my normal routine, rather than a week of vacation

3. I have access to a gym

4. I won’t be around my mom’s weird eating and body issues, which can make me turn to secret eating

It will be a challenge because…

1. When I’m around my boyfriend, it’s harder to stick to my normal healthy eating routine

2. I tend to drink more around my boyfriend

3. We’re making a Thanksgiving meal for just the 2 of us, so there will be lots of extra food! (But, I’m going to try to make very small portions of the delicious unhealthy stuff, like dessert and bread, while making lots of salad and veggies)

4.  Sometimes when I have goals and plans and don’t stick to them 100%, I go off the deep end (which I’m going to try to factor INTO these guidelines)


So, I have created some healthy Thanksgiving guidelines.  I want to emphasize that this is NOT a plan, so there’s not the dichotomy of being ON-plan or OFF-plan.  Instead, I will focus on following my guidelines. 

Overall: Be aware of my choices all week.  For the most part, I will try to follow the same healthy eating routines I normally do on my own, but of course there will be in non-typical situations.  I am choosing not to be obsessive about recording everything on my calorie counter this week, because I think it will be too difficult and may trigger binges.  I will talk to my boyfriend about my general goal of having a healthy Thanksgiving (but will probably not show him the specific guidelines).  Each day, I will reflect on my progression toward my healthy guidelines and write a short post each day.

Focus Area 1: Food

Guideline A:  Be mindful of everything I eat.  Truly enjoy and savor every bite that goes into my mouth.  If I feel urges to eat, first acknowledge the urge, take deep breaths, count to 10, and ask myself why I feel that urge.  If I am truly hungry, find something wholesome to eat.

Guideline B: Eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  For each meal, make sure at least half my plate is filled with fruits and veggies.

Focus Area 2: Drink

Guideline A: Enjoy the taste of what I’m drinking (vs. drinking just to get drunk or just because my boyfriend is drinking) 

Guideline B: Drink a glass of water (or juice, or seltzer, etc) between each drink

Focus area 3: Movement

Guideline A: Move some every day, to equal a minimum of 150 minutes for the week (hiking, walking, tennis, gym, etc)

Tomorrow, I will post my first daily reflection. I’m excited for a fun and yummy week!

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